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Artificial Grass

Where Nature Meets Innovation

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Nature-Inspired Innovation


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About Us

Verdigrass is on a mission to transform outdoor spaces with our premium artificial grass, offering the perfect blend of realism and affordability. Committed to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly solutions that are safe for kids and pets, our products are free from harmful chemicals. Enjoy the beauty of a vibrant, low-maintenance lawn that mimics real grass. Join us in creating captivating, sustainable landscapes where nature and innovation meet seamlessly.


Verdigrass Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

Safe Raw Materials

Verdigrass prioritizes premium Dow PE material with high carbon content (6 carbon, 8 carbon), ensuring durability, weather resistance, excellent elasticity, and low friction. Our leisure grass series has undergone a rigorous 5000-hour UV resistance test at LABSPORT laboratory, achieving the highest European ESTO Luxury Class 3 rating for landscaping grass.

Safe Design

Our grass fiber incorporates a Low Slip Resistance (LSR) design, reducing the risk of damage and friction burns. Our products strictly adhere to European Union EN13501-1 and national GB/T20394-2013 fire retardant standards.

Safe System

Verdigrass fibers have successfully passed the stringent SGS test for 173 heavy metals, featuring BASF environmentally-friendly glue as the primary coating material, meeting high environmental standards. Composed of safe materials that are non-toxic and degradable, our turf products can be fully recycled after their service life, leaving no ecological footprint.


Prioritizing environmental responsibility, we offer turf products that are PFAS-free, contributing to a healthier outdoor space while avoiding potential harm associated with these substances.


Our non-toxic turf products ensure that your outdoor space is a safe haven, free from harmful chemicals that could compromise the well-being of your family and pets.


Unlike certain artificial grass styles that may contain lead, our turf is lead-free, preventing any risk of leeching into the air or ground for a worry-free environment where loved ones can play and relax.

Tired of the urine burn? 

Try our premium pet friendly artificial grass!

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Verdigrass VS. Real Grass:
Indistinguishable from Nature

Let you experience the same nature as real grass. 

Completed Projects


Experience nature-inspired innovation with our premium artificial grass, backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Safety and sustainability thrive here!

Listen to Our Customers

“Choosing Verdigrass was a smart decision for our home. The high carbon content ensures longevity, and the safety features, from fire retardant standards to Low Slip Resistance design, make it the perfect choice.”

Eugene Young

Our Certification

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